P2P Applications – Streamtorrent

   One of the most well known (if not the most well known) P2P application used to watch live streaming sports is Streamtorrent.  First row sports has used Streamtorrent for many years and the application has many key components that sports viewers wish to have.  It is a reliable application, the streams can range from high definition to grainy but this is dependent upon the person who is streaming the sporting event.  There are also other uses of the application, such as watching movies, television shows, and programming from other countries.

You can visit the streamtorrent site at http://www.streamtorrent.com.

First row sports explains how the streamtorrent application works.  A streamer connects through the application and sets up their stream.  Instead of assigning a channel such as channel 1, channel 2, channel 3, the Streamtorrent app will give the streamer a streamtorrent based URL, which will look something like this:    st://uelLkjsf800asfdlkjljafk      This URL is what a viewer will need to enter into their Streamtorrent application in order to access the streamer’s stream.  This logic is pretty smart as you can broadcast a stream but only give the streamtorrent URL to your friends if you only want them to view the stream.

As a result of the reliableness of the application, the ability to share your stream with whoever you select, and the fact that the Streamtorrent P2P application is free it is easy to understand why this P2P app quickly rose to become the favorite application of streamers worldwide and how it has continued to stay on top.

So how do you setup Streamtorrent and stream something?  Here is a step by step guide on how to do this.

  1. Download the StreamTorrentSetup.zip file.
  2. Extract the StreamTorrent .exe file and begin to install Streamtorrent on your computer.
  3. Go through the steps (click these) Next, I Agree, Next, Next, Install, Finish.
  4. Now Streamtorrent is installed

Now you will begin to stream something you should go to File —> Publish —> Live Stream.  Here are the steps you need to follow now:

  • Type: MMS (leave this option alone)
  • Domain: default (leave this option alone)
  • Source URL: mms:// (Port 8080 is the default for WME9, this MUST be changed in WME Setup to another port number. Pick something between 20001 — 64999)
  • Name: Channel Name.
  • Genre: Select one or write your own.
  • Description: Give a short description about the stream.
  • Keywords: You can use keywords which will allow people to search for what you are streaming if you want people to find and access your stream.
  • Author: You can put yourself or ideally leave this blank.
  • Copyright: You can fill it out or leave it blank.
  • Publisher: FirstRowSports (as an example). This is what is displayed to users on their list so they know whose stream it is.
  • Homepage: You can put whatever you would like to here
  • Check the box for “NOT allow others to connect to source”
  • Check the box for “Lock Status”
  • Click OK.

And that is how you can get set up and start streaming with the Streamtorrent P2P application.